Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting CCTV & Drain Maintenance Programmes

Hydro-Jetting (or Hydro Blasting) is a process where high-pressure water is forced through a flexible hose, allowing it to travel significant distances at a greater velocity, clearing the line of silt, debris, minor tree roots and other stubborn obstacles in order to clear, clean and maintain the pipe/drain.

There are maintenance programmes for vehicles, health and teeth, to name but a few. At Drain Ranger, we recognise the importance to offer Maintenance Programmes for drains.

​Over time the ground moves and pipes deteriorate, depending on the age of your pipes we would recommend a six-monthly or annual checkup to help mitigate future flooding of your property. Upon completion Drain Ranger will supply a report and a Maintenance Certificate.


​Drain Ranger has custom built Hydro-Jett and Flushing units specifically to meet these needs.

​A Drain Ranger Hydro blast is important after a concrete pour, in order to avoid a slurry build up in Cesspits and Gulley Traps rendering them ineffective.

​We also recommend a Hydro Blast prior to CCTV inspections.

Ask us about our Drain Ranger Maintenance Flushing programmes.

CCTV Drain Inspections

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